Press Release 2015

Contributions of the Muslim Community to the Society at Large Lauded at the Well Attended Houston Iftar 2015(Annual Ramadan Dinner with Mayor of Houston):

Houston, Texas: Houston Mayor Parker said people of bigotry; and any bullies: They have no place in our society. Future is in our hand; we can release the beautiful ideas of bright colors and fragrance from our hand; or otherwise cruelly crush the future within the palm of our hand. She was addressing Houston Iftar 2015,Traditional Annual Ramadan Dinner with Mayor Houston being organized by Abu Dhabi, Baku, Basrah, Istanbul & Karachi Sister City Association along with The Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) & 50 plus international Community & local organization. Mayor applaud the nice work of the organizers’, and recognized major sponsor S.Javaid Anwar,M.J.Khan,Saeed Sheikh Coordinator & Chair Sunny Sharma.Mayor Parker recalled how the annual dinner used to be called the “Mayor’s Iftar Dinner” when it began as a small gathering on the steps of City Hall and was first organized by Muslim Community Leadership. It has moved to other venues, like the GRB Convention Center and in recent years has grown to the large scale event that it is now. At her urging, the name was changed to Houston Iftar to reflect the role and desires of the local community. “We are an international city. In Houston, friendly is a noun, not an adjective,” Parker continued, “It is a place of tolerance and diversity.” The Mayor chose to end her speech to the packed hall “The future lies in your hands,” she declared, reflecting on the common thread of lament for the recent Charleston killings that wove through all the other speeches. “Let us join hands together and make the world a better place.”

Earlier Mayor was introduced by the Guest of Honor of the event Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Syed Javaid Anwar of Midland Energy and Petroplex Energy, Inc, who his remarks appreciate the wisdom of US where all can freely practice their religion.

Honorary Guests Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman AL Green Referring to the tragic incident of Charleston NC Church Shooting of June 18th, both Congresspersons AL Green and Sheila Jackson Lee thanked the Muslim Community for taking part in not only condolences, but reflection & voicing the concerns and solutions with regards to this serious issue. Both gave special certificates of congressional recognition to the organizing committee. Congressman AL Green lauded that who is killing in the places of worship are not from us and their and that is act of terrorism & Islam is peaceful religion.

All guests were warmly welcomed by Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Houston Iftar 2015 Sunny Sharma of Abu Dhabi, and Main Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh of the Houston-Karachi Sister City Association
especially thanked the many Heads of the Diplomatic Missions in Houston, for their presence in large number.He also recognize the committee members Mian Nazeer, Cristal Montañéz Baylor, David Godwin, Zafar Khan, ILyas Choudry, Khalid Kazi, Ruhi Ozgel, Irada Akhoundova, Deanea Leflore, Haroon Mughal, Saleena Jafry & many others.

This annual event has two speakers of national significance Dr. Imam Imad Enchassi and Mr. Jihad Turk.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott sent a special philosophical video recorded message of deliberation andtranquility.

The Houston Iftar was attended by more than 1,800 persons, and everyone enjoyed the candid talks, spiritual message, inspirational prayers, sumptuous Iftar & Dinner, and together established the Mughrib Prayers. Large queues were seen as attendee’s tried to get photo with the outgoing Mayor of Houston Annise Parker and other dignitaries in front of the beautiful Iftar Banner.

Houston Iftar is the unique and largest event which brought the different fragrance & colors of the bouquet of various communities’ of Houston getting together, and many said they will be eagerly waiting for the next one in 2016.